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Facts about FACTS

FACTS, which stands for Folk Arts Cultural Treasures School is a charter school located just outside of the Chinatown Neighborhood in Philadelphia. It is a community oriented K-8 school that pulls mostly from the Chinatown neighborhood. Thus a majority of the students have Chinese cultural backgrounds. However it is important to note that its student body and faculty is reflective of their multicultural mission.There are various aspects of FACTS that make it unique amongst Philadelphia public schools. Curriculum-wise, all students are required to learn Mandarin Chinese and the Singapore Math Program is implemented into the math curriculum. It is also a school founded in part by Asian American United, an activist group that specifically created this school to meet the educational needs of the Chinatown community.

For the past couple of months I have been spending every Friday morning in a 2nd grade reading and writing class. The class is comprised of twenty-two students, two classroom teachers, a student teacher and myself. My duties in the clasroom included a variety of adminstrative work as well as doing guided reading with small groups of students. I got to know my students through personal time as well as through their reading and writing work.

The 2nd graders are currently working on a variety of word recognition and spelling skills. They are learning to recognize basewords that can have a variety of suffix endings. With this in mind, I planned a lesson that would meet the current curricular standards as well as act as an outlet for creative energy. I worked specifically with one group of students for this particular literacy lesson. Siah, Truman, Eevee, Julia, Zoie and Mannuel are of mixed reading and writing abilities and each brought something different to the table. I had done guided reading with them in the past and had a lot of fun working on this literacy lesson with them.

Click HERE to see the literacy lesson design!

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